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Lamour Satin

Specialty Linens: Chiffon, Stripped Jacquard, Ribbon Taffeta, Curly Willow, Diamond Glitz, Sequin Paillette Flax, Embroidery, Flocking Taffeta, Organza, Scuba, Plaid Checkered, Damask, Taffeta, and many other materials.

   Once you've decided on your event date and venue, you will need to decide which route you will go with for your linen choices. Your choices will be renting from YSE or buying your linens online. When renting linens YSE will be doing all the work for you. We will first help you to decide on your colors and your material choice. Then you will have the opportunity to set your table in person to see your final vision come to life. On the day of your event, your linens will be delivered pressed and you will not need to worry about setting up table linens, covering chairs, folding napkins, and tying sashes on chairs.

    Choosing to buy your linens exposes you to the risk of ordering blindly. Misled by the picture online you may receive the wrong color, table size, or pattern. Once you receive your linens you will need to ensure you have your full order, press them, and prepare them for your event. On the day of your event you will have to have a team of family and friends to help you setup, and breakdown everything. The final chore you will have when buying linens will be washing, drying and storing them.

    As you can see by the few examples, buying your linens can be overwhelming. Choosing to rent your linens from YSE will give you the room to breath and enjoy the planning. At YSE we have a large inventory of linen colors and materials. Our inventory consists of Table Linens, Chair Covers, Chair Sashes, Linen Napkins. YSE will also come to your venue and assist with your floor plan if needed.

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